"I liked the How I Met Your Mother finale. It shows that life doesn’t always work out and we should be ok with it."


An Open Letter to the Creators of “How I Met Your Mother.”


Dear Creators of HIMYM,

Let’s talk about why we love your show.

We love your show because you created one of the most accurate representations of being a twenty-something in NY, trying to build a career while fostering friendships, searching for love and feeling the isolation that this city brings but honoring the incredible moments New York City affords. You created a show that was simultaneous laugh out loud funny and cry your eyes out heartbreaking. For that, we thank you.

You also effectively created a group of individuals who represented our generation in a way that we haven’t seen before and doesn’t exist elsewhere right now. We love these characters because they are layered, they make mistakes, they follow their own rules, and they’re better for it. They have grown with us. We have grown with them. They have seen us through our own heartbreaks, job trials, and friend tribulations. We’ve been with you since the beginning.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that in less than one hour you effectively broke the bond that we spend nine years building with these people. These people were our friends.  

Let’s talk about our friends.

Barney Stinson. What a guy? He’s actually the worst kind of guy but somehow you made him lovable. More than that you grounded him reality. You gave him depth. You slowly, subtly and brilliantly revealed his layers and allowed him to evolve and change. We watched Barney go from the playbook, to falling honestly in love and burning it. Barney’s evolution is one of the best on TV. His relationship with Robin grew from a place of respect and nurturing.  It was an amazing character arc, truly. 

Then, in a matter of minutes, you allowed him to regress, revert and deteriorate from that charming reformed ladies man to something worst than who he was in season 1.  We remember the moment where believed in Barney and Robin. When we realized that perhaps the show would not end with “just kidding kids, Aunt Robin is actually your mother!”  We believed when a bus hit Barney and his life flashed before his eyes, it was Robin that he saw. From there, you put us on a journey. We saw them fight it, get together, break up and once again unite in the most legendary of proposals. They were solid, in love and more importantly they accepted each other for the very flaws that past partners could not live with.

Barney ending his marriage with Robin over her successful career was more than a slap in the face (yes, it’s a reference to the slap bet) to his character development, but also a slap in the face all the people who grow and change as they learn what they want from life and love. Seeing the playbook once again in his hands and watching him chase after women half his age broke our hearts. He deserved more. His journey deserved more. 

And Lily, that beautiful firecracker, Lily’s journey has been one that we can closely relate to. For years, Lily chased her dream of being an artist. That dream led to her almost losing the love of her life, twice. But she believed in herself and needed to honor her desires. That dream pushed her from New York, to California and to Rome. That dream evolved, shifted and altered, but art was always there. We saw ourselves most in her when she cried believing that it was too late for her dream. But somehow you showed us it’s never too late. 

In this finale, her career is nothing more than a memory. Lily goes from a woman who managed to juggle marriage, children and work to a 1950’s caricature. She talks about her husband’s career, and pops out baby after baby. While Marshall is pursuing ambitions of being a judge what is Lily doing? Is she a stay at home mom?(Which would be fine, but is she?)  Does she have a part-time job? Does she work full-time and still manage to make it to Daisy’s dance recitals and Marvin’s baseball games? Or, does her life revolve around everything Marshall? How did this woman who we have watched for almost a decade end up? How was her story wrapped? How did it end? From the finale, we guess with many babies and her turning on her best girlfriend. 

Ted and Marshall both have their own inconsistencies but they get endings that honor their desires and character development in varying capacities. In fact Ted gets two happy endings, but more on that later. We could go more in depth on them, but we want to get to the real kicker. We want to get to the reason we felt impassioned to write this. The truth is, at one time or another we have seen ourselves in all of these people, but none more so than Robin Sherbatsky.

 Robin Sherbatsky is one of the best female characters to grace our television screens. She is strong AND feminine, invested in her career AND her love life. She is a woman who doesn’t apologize for who she is and what she believes in. She is the perfect role model for women in their twenties trying to pave their way in a world where women are valued solely on the size of their jeans. Her sense of self worth was NEVER connected to a man. She is a woman who knows herself, her values, her strengths, her weaknesses and her capacity for love.

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Weird things about Paige and Aria.

     So I’ve never liked Page, I thought Maya and Emily were perfect for each other.. But I’ve never thought Paige was A either, not liking someone is not enough evidence for thinking someone is A… But since a couple days ago I’ve started to think there is something sketchy about her…

    We all know how according to CeCe, Ali was scared of Paige… wait a second… The fierce queen of Rosewood aka Alison DiLaurentis scared of someone? If it’s tue, then there most be a BIG reason for Ali to be scared of her. Another clue we have is that we know Alison and CeCe called Paige Pigskin and there has been many pig references on the show like the pig in the trunk.

  But something really odd happened in s04e21, at the end of the episode we see Paige giving an anonymous message to the police saying that Alison is alive but look at how she write’s the letter A 

It’s the same handwriting as the real “A” , we all pointed how Aria’s A resembled A’s handwriting and that was a clue of maybe her being A. Well Paige’s way of writing A is the same. 

And now, I’m taking this theory a step further.. This may sound totally crazy but somehow there’s a connection between Aria and Paige. We all know about Aria’s pig puppet Pigtunia. It made an appearance in the pilot and in the books Ali once even tells Aria why she still carries it everywhere.. Aria likes pigs and Alison called Paige pigskin, there’s so many pig references in the show.. There has to be some weird connection somewhere. 

I’ve always thought Aria was weird, even  Ezra described her as: oddball of the group and feels out of place in Rosewood: 

And as I also said in the beginning there is bad vibe that Paige carries, there has to be this dark side of her that has yet been fully shown.

I know this was really long, but there are so many things that kind of make a weird connection but at the same time I don’t really understand how they even connect. I’m obsessed with PLL and I’ve liked the direction this last episodes have taken, frankly I never liked the idea of Ezra being A, I hope someone can take this weird theory of mine even further and maybe find something out.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I do apologize for any grammar mistake I might have made.